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Talent Concept: People-Oriented, People Are the Greatest Wealth

We always believe that talents are the most valuable wealth of Sanwei. Only employees in a good working environment, with the greatest space to display their talents, can the enterprise get considerable development. "People oriented" first of all is to respect talents, on the basis of equality, respect the development goals of employees' career, and respect the different opinions of employees to the enterprise. Secondly, on the premise of respect, we should care for employees and regard them as business partners of the enterprise to help them achieve the best return on investment in their career. Thirdly, "people-oriented" should provide development platform as much as possible according to the staff's strong points and special personnel.

SANWELL in the Mind of the Talent

Have the values that adapt to the modern society, including the firm ideal belief and the innovation consciousness.

Firm ideals and beliefs should be the spiritual pillar composed of profound historical and cultural accumulation, while the spirit of innovation is manifested as a scientific spirit, a character quality, a mental state, a psychological orientation in pursuit of excellence, and an active ability to change oneself and the environment.

Have the knowledge structure suitable for the development of modern society.

We should stand in the frontier of knowledge, have an international vision, pursue new discoveries, explore new laws, create new theories, create new methods and accumulate new knowledge.

Have a perfect personality in line with the development of modern society.

The outstanding cultural achievements of human beings, including ethics, philosophy, history, literature and art, should be internalized into stable inner qualities, and they should understand how to be human and why to live, including how to deal with the relationship between human and nature, between human and society, between human and human, as well as their own rationality, emotion and will.

SANWELL of the Principle of Employing People

Use mechanisms to attract people, use the environment to pool people, use causes to retain people, use institutions to protect people.

Those who have both moral integrity and talent should be put to good use. Those who have both moral integrity and talent should not be used. Those who have both moral integrity and talent should not be used.